About Samuel Temple

Samuel Temple is a native Texan. Born and raised in Houston, he is the best candidate to affect change within our government. Sam graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He later completed his M.S. in Statistics at Texas A&M. During College, Sam met Julie, and have been married for 11 years. They are blessed with three beautiful children; Thomas, Luke, and Alice. Sam and his family moved to San Antonio in 2010 where he is currently a business professional at AT&T. Sam’s area of expertise is quantitative mathematics and has practiced statistics in multiple fields which have resulted in scholarly publications.

My professional work in research and statistics has inspired me to bring a data driven approach to politics. I believe in meticulously diving into the details of legislation and studying the impact. I have found that often the right choice becomes clearer after proper research. I plan on bringing the data back to the Republican party. You’ve seen what lawyers can do, now let me show you what a quant can do for you.

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